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Dina & Kyle - Darlington House Wedding

Classic, vintage, charming… we are talking about none other than the Darlington House of course. We love being able to work with our clients at this amazing venue. There is so much character in this historic 1925 landmark in La Jolla, California. The structure itself and patio is infused with Egyptian tile, brick walkways, romantic rose gardens, Moroccan architecture, and so many beautiful details throughout!

Less is more at this venue, because the venue really speaks for itself; and bringing in too many decorations or rentals will overwhelm the already existing beauty. Our sweet bride and groom, Dina and Kyle, really appreciated the venue and limited the amount of items brought in for their big day.

Not only did bride Dina’s beauty shine through on her special day, but her choice of gown and florals really played off of that beauty perfectly! The full length form fitting gown with lace sleeves suited her and the style of the venue just flawlessly.

Groom Kyle complimented his bride nicely in a grey suit with white accented floral boutonniere and bow tie. Extremely dapper! And again, the choice in attire matched the venue and his personality.

Take a peek at the vendors who are responsible for putting together such a gorgeous event for Dina and Kyle’s most wonderful day.

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